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From the point of actual impressions, this kind of new match colors looks very fashionable, most propbably also can get the welcome of partial female user, because cheek red gold is similar to,make up the color of powdery bottom.

Power dispatch of sharp edge net, mobile phone of new generation admiral releases distance apple to still do not have to time of a month now, we saw the model machine of a lot of concerned IPhone 8 and apply colours to a drawing pursue recently. In the bookshops exposes to the sun suddenly last week piece about the message with this new different machine, namely IPho上海龙凤论坛sh1f

ne 8 will have new match colors. Between color of Yu Chen of interpose of new match colors and bronze color, be called at first copper is aureate, change again later call cheek red gold.

Actually without giving thought to what match colors, total somebody can think new IPhone new match colors will be very ugly. When the apple rolls out rose gold IPhone 6s before this, a lot of people do not value this kind of match colors to be able to win consumer to favor, thinking the apple rolls out rose gold IPhone is to taking a risk. Nevertheless the fact proves, IPhone 6s head after sending land of the home in was being joined上海贵族宝贝论坛

, first weeks its (3 days) sales volume broke through 10 million, type of new match colors is apparent to sales volume contribution. The apple was to was us to bring bright black IPhone 7 more last year, look now fair and reasonable of hearsay of IPhone 8 new match colors.

Reportedly, the IPhone that the apple plans to be released this year has 3 kinds of color on上海龙凤论坛

ly, the rose is aureate and aureate will be cancelled. What can affirm additionally is, black and argent the necessary color that will be before continuance a few acting type, and apple of the 3rd kind of color can be used than pink deeper, darker than orange match colors. After all aureate He Mei rares IPhone of golden match colors still is held out before this suffer consumer to welcome.

Mix as more and more model machine pictures these days video exposure, the talk that the apple wants to roll out type of new match colors is sent more true a few minutes. Expect according to exploding the message of the VenyaGeskin1 that amount to a person, fuji health interior plants this copper is aureate name for Blush Gold, the meaning that metaphrase comes over is cheek red gold probably. In addition, venyaGeskin1 expresses, the norms of IPhone 8 capacity of match colors of cheek red gold is mixed in 64GB by demarcate 128GB two kinds.

In the 爱上海

meantime, triumphant base Zuo of Guo Ming of negotiable securities analyst ever also expressed, IPhone 8 will have 3 kinds of match colors, include cupreous gold, black and argent. Guo Ming Zuo still complements, IPhone 8 will be released at the same time with IPhone 7s series, but initial stage is measured for goods not much.

It is whether IPhone 8 new match colors is returned now so really only bad and affirmatory, after all now of exposure is archetypal machine, the color that releases type finally can have deviation probably. If true mechanism makes the word that come,do not pass, should meet from real sense a few more beautiful.

What must say is, this kind of countenance lets everybody very hard like, cheek red gold and black are photographed look like the head not quite match, frame of airframe front white makes a person very easily abstracted, there still is circuit outside more especially below the premise of aureate wrap up.

To my individual character, I like look of this kind of copper very much. In domain of whole after all smartphone, the match colors that the user can choose still is not very much, match colors of mobile phone of Android a group of people of same interest is better still, what IPhone user can choose is fewer. From the point of actual impressions, this kind of new match colors looks very fashionable, most propbably also can get the welcome of parti新上海贵族宝贝论坛

al female user, because cheek red gold is similar to,make up the color of powdery bottom.

I do not know this kind of color whether the user that let be far from IPhone returns to malic bosom afresh. But apparent IPhone 8 change爱上海龙凤419桑拿

s this kind to expect conform to with mine, I think it can be a very interesting new admiral. If malic IPhone 8 gives model of this kind of new match colors, I can choose to buy, you?

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