Nest, beauty is happy in June 2017 wait for brand of many foreign milk powder to go up black a list of names posted up

On July 31, total bureau of national qualitative ch新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

eck was released did not grant in June 2017 first the food cosmetic information of admittance, on brand of much home milk powder black a list of names posted up阿爱上海同城

, include a nest, bank rich, beauty is happy wait for a brand.

Inside course of study the personage looks, detect in homebred milk powder percent of pass achieves the environment of 99% to fall, more and more foreign milk powder reveal a problem, be sure to affect consumer to tilt to homebred milk powder. And register in infant recipe milk powder make sensitive period, the enterpris上海龙凤论坛

e exposes to the sun again a product problem, very will adverse to its.

On brand of many foreign milk powder black a list of names posted up

The announce that according to qualitative check net of total bureau official announces shows, in June 2017, countrywide discrepancy condition examines quarantine orgnaization is in enter a country goods arrives at port to accept superintendency link, according to effective at that time food safety national level or relevant law laws and regulations ask, check gives the food with quality safety unqualified project 620 batches, unqualified food comes from 49 countries or area, involve 21 kinds of products, basically be beverage kind, cake biscuit kind with carbohydrate, main item is additive agent for food exceeds mark, off quality and certificate unqualified. To unqualified food, already all retreated carry or destroy by melting or burning in port, did not grant admittance.

Afore-mentioned do not grant admittance list includes a nest, bank rich, Wei Aijia, Mijiale the adult milk powder that waits for a brand, infant recipe milk powder.

And the reason that prohibits entering a country, basically include ticket card of unqualified, commodity nots agree with, bug of check yield results in work, exceed limits to use vitamin of nutrient aggrandizement agent B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, did not provide letter by the requirement or gross of eligible proof material, bacterium exceeds mark, nitrite to exceed mark to wait.

The data that according to qualitative check total bureau publishs shows, producing area comes from Switzerland, the Bin Bo that by Jiangxi beauty cottage breeds trade group limited company is imported milk powder of organic baby recipe, because bacterial gross exceeds bid,be rejected admittance. Same, the beauty that comes from Poland is happy but whole milk powder, because nitrite exceeds bid,also be rejected admittance.

Notable is, although pledge this exposure of check total bureau brand of much home milk powder, before this, already had brands of many foreign milk powder by refus country outside the door.

According to the entrance that the country pledged check total bureau is released 2016 infant recipe milk powder did not grant admittance information shows, shared 12 batch to import infant powdered milk 2016 unqualified, include 1 batch bay button but infantile recipe milk powder is used by set limit to of check favorable balance of trade acid of sulphur of ox of nutrient aggrandizement agent by batch of;2 of destroy by melting or burning Beiruike infant recipe milk powder is given by check content of mistake of label of linoleic acid unit, nicotinic acid does not amount to mark to be retreated goods;1 batch.

Be worth what carry is, the brand of foreign milk powder of afore-mentioned exposure, have a plenty of accuse by Chinese enterprise or of investment.

According to media the report before this, although dimension loves beautiful brand to publicize the infant recipe milk powder that exceeds hundred years history to be had in Australia to produce a business external, but actually at present person of the control on border has become Chinese investor Li Dajian.

And the biggest partner of FarmlandDairy Pty Ltd of company of production of Australian infant milk powder is Kangweiduo lacteal industry (Beijing) Inc. , its own the share of FarmlandDairy Pty Ltd 44% .

Inside course of study the personage looks, as brands of more and more entrance milk powder by exposure, the position in Chinese consumer memory also is in foreign milk powder to drop gradually.

Song Liang of lacteal industry expert is accepted ” negotiable securities daily ” when the reporter is interviewed, express, the entrance milk powder of exposure of bureau of this qualitative inspect, basically be through crossing condition those who purchase Chinese market, this also is qualitative check total bureau tries to find out the real intention to what product of free tax zone undertakes. The product list that this the country pledges check total bureau is announced, the superintendency strength that enough sees a country go up in safe problem.

Milk powder of 10 tons of nests is prohibited entering a country

House leakage slants meet rain of the same night, to the nest, the brand is established not successful.

On July 18, food of recipe of baby of two of nest distribute special medicine is fed by the country exposure of medical inspect total bureau is unqualified;7爱上海龙凤419桑拿

month 25 days, shanghai nest product serves limited company to be investigated by put on record of supervisory management board of market of Pudong new developed area.

This, the nest appears爱上海

in exposure of qualitative check total bureau in ranking.

The basis reports information to show, producing area comes from Chinese Taiwan area, by the nest whole milk powder that limited company of content science and technology produces Mengtelisheng, because exceed limits to use vitamin of nutrient aggrandizement agent B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, total bureau of check be pledginged does not grant admittance.

Same, the Ke Ning below nest banner wraps adult recipe milk powder, Ke Ning Ke Ning is milk powder of adult of recipe of nutrition of person of tall calcic family, tall milk powder of calcic family person, Kening is pure and high grade namely dissolve milk powder, because exceed limits to use vitamin of nutrient aggrandizement agent element of B12 of B1, vitamin B2, vitamin, biology, vitamin B6, afore-mentioned products do not grant admittance.

Show according t上海龙凤论坛

o the data of exposure, be not granted this by total bureau of national qualitative check the milk powder overcoming peace of admittance is aggregate 10.13 tons.

To afore-mentioned circumstances, chief gives related nest China ” negotiable securities daily ” say in a statement that reporter hair comes to, the milk powder overcoming peace below the manufactures into Taiwan of condition unqualified China nest whole milk powder that near future country pledges check total bureau lists and nest banner, be not produce for chinese mainland market, be aimed at Chinese Taiwan market only, ask with chinese mainland code abhorrent.

Nest China expresses, afore-mentioned products purchase an import by proper motion of 2 Fujian importer, did not tell meeting nest company, nest company more not its import accredit. Nest company asks importer needs to take step when the entrance, ensure entrance product accords with Chinese law laws and regulations.

In the meantime, afore-mentioned controller express, total to qualitative check bureau is announced, the lactose that limited company of twin city nest imports from Holand, PH exceeds mark be related, the lactose of the bulletin is to use those who do a test, did not use at producing segment.

To this, song Liang expresses, the crisis that the nest faces at present will produce an effect to its brand, the nest is a big question to entering the product of Chinese market how to be superintended.

Look in Song Liang, last iodic practice exceeding bid causes benefit to glide considerably to nest milk powder, the course is the nearest effort of 3 years, nest milk powder restores to rise gradually in the public praise of Chinese market. This incident causes tremendous effect possibly to nest sale status, current milk powder is new politics it is very good strategy opportunity, the nest will miss this opportunity.

Origin: Reporter of negotiable securities daily: Xia Fang

Responsibility edits: Zhu Huie

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