Artificial intelligence concept what is there? Industrial innovation alliance holds water value 7 concepts

Artificial intelligence concept what is there? Industrial innovation alliance holds water value 7 concepts

Lei Ke congress (2017 robots and artificial intelligence congress) will hold in Beijing now, industry of Chinese artificial intelligence will be held to innovate to establish a ceremony alliedly at the same time during congress. Concept of car of new energy resources what is there? Nearly 900 million yuan of large sheet are grabbed prepare bibcock of car of 5 new energy resources

It is reported, alliance of innovation of industry of Chinese artificial intelligence mies wife unitive alliance labour intelligence domain is gotten army enterprise, grow model orgnaization of medium and small businesses, scientific research, investment orgnaization and platform of service of tripartite industry, from bottom to top, hold a group in the arms to warm oneself, conspire to develop. Allied plan did not come 3 years hatch product of 50 artificial intelligence, breed enterprise of intelligence of 40 family work, construction base of 3 places innovation, drive 20 demonstrative application project and make platform of a current technology.

In fact, from the point of performance of near future market, was versed in with bearer June intelligent board piece integral expression can be encircled can nod, in 39 concepts in, have 30 run inside the month win on card index, love more (19.79%) , constant gives birth to an electron (the 18.27%) , share that inspect a source (14.64%) , Zhen Xinke ability (11.85%) during accumulative total goes up all exceed 10% , in board piece inside get go up.

To this, analytic personage expresses, show as Shanghai in 3100 bits upper part stands firm, two city have what main area props up to exceed drop subject matter board piece take turns is started, among them, artificial intelligence industry is written into governmental working report first this year not only, at the same time the industry also has taller scene tolerance, accordingly, below current background, the profit that combines message aspect is good drive, artificial intelligence board piece hopeful is short-term behave repeatedly, be worth to pay close attenti阿拉爱上海同城

on to mainly.

On main area, in recent years industry of our country artificial intelligence presents swift development state, look only from data of industrial robot produce and sale, according to international robot federation (IFR) releases a report to show, 2016 sales volume of robot of our country industry 90 thousand, grow 31% compared to the same period, great panel height is added on average at the world of 14% fast; In addition, show according to the data that national statistic bureau published recently, this year January – output of robot of our country industry grew 50.4% compared to the same period May, maintaining爱上海同城

high speed to rise situation.

Taller scene bearing is opposite the industry to shut city firm outstanding achievement to produce positive effect undoubtedly, ” negotiable securities daily ” market research center discovers according to statistic of straight flush data, in two city 39 family are versed in the company appears on the market related intelligence in, have 30 companies implementation of profit of net of attributive 2016 parent company grows compared to the same period, occupy than 76.92% , among them, science and technology of blue cursor, violet smooth share, Chinese king, green scene accuses, the long rainbow of Hua power culture, Sichuan, science and technology that collect a top, tall the company such as big intelligence of the burgeoning, share that inspect a source, division 2016 outstanding achievement.

On investment strategy, the investment value that the much home orgnaization such as negotiable securities o爱上海同城手机版

f gold of negotiable securities of company of the gold in the near future, Great Wall, Oriental nego上海贵族宝贝交流区

tiable securities, Bohai Sea negotiable securities, country all represents to value artificial intelligence domain, among them, bohai Sea negotiable securities expresses, centre of gravity of strategy of global Internet tycoon tilts to artificial intell上海贵族宝贝交流区

igence the rapid development that is helpful for artificial intelligence industry, it is good to make profit to whole industry. The rise as domestic labor cost and aged the continuance of the trend, the great progress period of industrial robot comes stage by stage, each industry hopeful and artificial intelligence are united in wedlock cheek by jowl and overturn to develop pattern traditionally, proposal investor pays close attention to the long-term investment value of domain of artificial intelligence application.

A respect, inside nearly 30 days, afore-mentioned concepts in, have 19 all obtain an orgnaization to give be bought or add hold etc value grade, among them, giant star science and technology (7) , constant gives birth to an electron (6) , Kunlun 10 thousand dimension (6) , straight f爱上海同城论坛

lush (6) , consider the benefit that start medical service (5) , division big question flies (5) , tall burgeoning (4. The target price that offers according to the orgnaization is calculated, afore-mentioned 7 in, giant star science and technology (big question of 79.16%) , division flies (25.82%) , straight flush (20.85%) , Kunlun 10 thousand dimension (20.10%) 4 a price of newest closing quotation relatively target price still has more than 20% to go up a space, city performance is worth to expect after.

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