Investment of coast of hand of sincere communication and liaison initiates one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight bad assets to invest fund


us of reporter Zhang Yu) on March 29, first center look forward to is participated in initiate, the undesirable capital fund with the biggest dimensions invests fund sincere date of I of the bank that connect a lake is initiated in Beijing hold water. This fund dimensions 10 billion yuan, put add period 4 years, fund adopts limited partnership to make, after fund structure uses preferential, interlining, bad, classificati新上海贵族宝贝论坛

on; Among them the fund emphasis of 70% is cast to the bank debt of platform of financing of bad assets, place is mixed debt of center look forward to.

Fund management person is sincere investment of the bank that connect a lake runs limited company (next weighing sincere the bank that connect a lake) this company by China sincere connect the China with subordinate group sincere connect asset to run a company (next weighing sincere open capital) invest limited company with lake bank collective and contributive hold water. Sincere the bank that connect a lake is sincere company of management of fund of the first when connect a group to hold water bad assets and the first bad assets invest professional fund, also be the forerunner that bad assets domain ends look forward to explores mixture system of ownership.

“The hope is passed sincere the bank that connect a lake regards the tripartite between enterprise and bank as force, the settlement that drives bad banking debt more commercialize. ” sincere asset general manager, sincere Zhang Baowen of president of the bank that connect a lake expresses.

Lake bank invests a company to held water 2016, it is the platform of RMB fund business of coastal investment firm. Coastal investment is dedicated the professional fund administration that invests at special occasion, held water 2004, it is one of foreign capital fund that enter Chinese bad assets earlier.

Sincere the parent company China that opens capital sincere telli上海贵族宝贝论坛

ng a group is pilot business of company of state-owned capital operation, also be the illicit collect fund with domestic the biggest dimensions—-Fund of structural adjustment of Chinese state-owned company (350 billion yuan) advocate initiator, sincere 爱上海同城

the debt of look forward to of butt joint center that connects group or approval of the State Council turns one of operation platform.

Money new reporter learns at the same time, sincere connect a group to applying for national financial capital fund actively to run a company to superintendency branch (AMC) license plate, once permissive, the AMC that makes background of look forward to of the first center.

The advantage is complementary

China sincere tell group president, state Zhu Bixin of president of limited company of fund of state-owned company structural adjustment points out, sincere of date of I of the bank that connect a lake hold water, be sincere tell a group in order to dissolve financial system venture, advance function of operation of reform of sex of supply side structure and perfect capital to wait for the target, promote hypostatic and bad assets and finance posture of business of bad assets management is shirt-sleeve, make entire chain assets manage the attempt of the company and exploration.

To money according to Zhang Baowen new reporter introduces, on one round of bad assets deals with belong to economy to rise period, bad assets appreciates the space is large, this round because economic foreground is still at present ambiguous, its invest strategy is speed goes out quickly. Every first phase launchs scale is 2 billion yuan, at present intentional investment already achieved 10 billion yuan anticipation, “Echo is more enthusiastic. “Echo is more enthusiastic..

Industry thinks generally, at present industry of bad capital investment is entering banking eruptive period. Data shows, by 2016, bad loan leads Chinese commercial bank 1.74% , bad loan remaining sum exceeds 1.5 trillion yuan.

Do not cross the estimation according to market personage, 1.5 trillion yuan are a bank merely bad assets, if rent company of fiducial, property, fin爱上海同城论坛

ancing,wait for financial orgnaization even all sorts of potential problem capital fund that the net borrows platform are brought into, the dimensions of market of potential and bad capital should exceed 10 trillion yuan.

Zhang Baowen points out, current, bad assets invests a domain to compete to be strengthened stage by stage, from course of study the orgnaization must have distinctive competition advantage, ability develops quickly. “Sincere the bank that connect a lake can develop dominant position of two partner unit adequately, back sincere tell a group platform of operation of this one state-owned capital, can undertake inside bigger range business recombines, debt recombines, the industry recombines, the brand effect that has center look forward to, deal with the long-term experience of hypostatic and bad assets and communicate harmonious ability with local government; Coastal investment has finance to value of bad assets appraise, wind accuses and cooperate the ability such as business government.

Sincere telling property company is China sincere the asset that tells a group is managed advocate course of study operates platform, have nearly 20 years to state-owned and bad assets is managed and manage experience, held water to finish group system inside and outside early or late up to now of more than 100 7 old systems, difficult enterprises recombine conformity, accumulative total billabong finds a place for employee 30 thousand more than person, deal with dish of vivid asset is close one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan. Participate in successfully recombine Hong Kong to appear on the market the company is finished exit. Conformity formed 6 area company and 18 workstation to nod the national government network that form. In state-owned company the management of bad assets, deal with, dish work and resource optimize configuration respect to have rich experience.

Coastal investment is in China bad capital market already deep ploughing 12 years, up to now, the coast invests successful already collect and administrative operation 3 dollars fund and close deliver fund, dimensions evens more 1.5 billion dollar. Invest president according to the coast, sincere the bank that connect a lake is presiding invest Guan Zhangxiao beautiful jade to introduce, current, bad assets includes the bank that coastal investment deals with Zhang face overbalance 100 billion yuan of RMBs, asset pervades 20 many provinces. In its before in bad assets outstanding achievement, average year change accrual to exceed 20% .

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