Main force of lake person group gets hurt in succession Kucima hurts feeling newest progress or absent end game

Group of person of los angeles lake replaced the injury situation of horse of at present of team forward library today. According to nuclear magnetic resonance the examination shows as a result, diagnose of horse of library at present is next 爱上海同城手机版

back to contuse,上海千花网交友

will be opposite tomorrow a new York the match of Ni Kesi team he also is included to give battle to become doubt list.

Yesterday, lake person group is in advocate meet You Weisi head-on Brook, Paul – the Russian carat that George guides carries on his shoulder or back Ma Leiting team. Lack super giant star to strap Braun – lake person group of Zhanmusi passes struggle hard finally with 100-107 not hostile hand.

More bad is, horse of at present of library of high-ranking officer of sharp edge line is in lake person group the 2nd上海夜网

back that be contused exeunts ahead of schedule, returned bathhouse. The lake person group that lacked Kucima attacks dumb fire in the second half, the second half gets 43 minutes merely, final advocate lose.

Lake person group encountered injury tide recently. N/COL the head of a family star straps Braun – Zhanmusiyin is opposite for Christmas big fight groin of Zhen Yong person is pulled already absent much field match, at present lake person also did not give out of Lebulang reappear schedule. And seasoned veteran accuses Wei Lang to also accept operation of rehabilitate of ring finger ligament more, need lacks a 4 time to 5 weeks, this also is him this sports season accepts hand department operation the 2nd times up to now. In addition, lake person forward Bisili also continues to be short of because of individual reason blast. The Lang Helang that strap cloth is the figure of the two leader on big field of lake person group more, their absent lets lake person gain a victory only up to now from Christmas big fight.

Of this Kucima get hurt, undoubted to lake person it is one disaster after another. The 2nd Kucima is lake person group must part company, this sports season up to now all can think team is contributed 18.3 minutes 5.8 backboard 2.4 secondary attack. After Lebulang gets hurt, he also assumed more notching the task.

Lake person player of 3 large main force gets hurt, also let them be in western the unfavorable situation in brutal competition is bad. After Le Bulang gets hurt, lake person is obtained merely 1 get the better of 3 negative milit阿爱上海同城

ary successes, at pres上海千花网龙凤论坛

ent military successes is 21 get the better of 17 negative, had slidden western the 8th. The king that the military successes photograph of lake person group compares back, grey bear, go alone the group dominant position such as a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, knight is not clear, before if continue,be defeated by a ball to be able to be squeezed probably to go out 8.

Original title: Brunt of three of person of lake of contusion of back of diagnose of horse of library at present gets hurt greet re上海同城对对碰交友社区

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