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People is known nowadays should go doing motion to take exercise, the body that just can invite oneself so becomes more better, won’t lie all the time inferior healthy position, but a lot of people are doing forgeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Do not notice drawing moves before refine, let oneself very easily so doing wounded state is brought about to happen when taking exercise, say to must do humerus first so bicipital drawing movement, need to make the time that 30 seconds influence probably.

The upper arm 2 drawing _ thes upper arm 2 drawing movement

Humerus 2 drawing movement

Sit on the ground, double leg tightens unbend, draw a foot, both hands slowly the sole that pulls you (notice sole wants to tick off in the end as far as possible, knee cannot be bent) the upper part of the body is gone to slightly pitch (not bow-backed) , the attempt drags heel from ground little, put down after 3 seconds, come again. Repeat 10 times. One day is done, must insist to just have the effect, force does not want too strong, should have tenacity.

Drawing ham is hind muscle: Sit on the ground, stretch the leg that wants drawing before body straight, curve another leg, of whole leg outside ground of side press close to, form a triangle with the leg of unbend, back is erect, bend ahead as far as possible from hip ministry, both hands captures the tiptoe of unbend leg, maintain this pose 20 minutes, when the hand touchs tiptoe not be patient of plays the movement that use formula (do not touch a baseLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The needle is irrespective also) muscle of drawing ham inside- – method one sitting position, double foot is plantar mutual press close to, knee is maintained outwards and near the area as far as possible, both hands captures double ankle, maintain this pose, number 10, loosen, repeat 3 times next.

The upper arm 2 drawing _ thes upper arm 2 drawing movement

Muscle of drawing ham inside- – method 2 sitting position, double foot parts in the unbend before body, maintainShanghai night net

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Back and knee ministry are erect, submit form ahead from hip ministry, both hands captures bicrural ankle from leg inside, maintain this pose, sensory ham inside by taut, loosen, repeat next. Drawing crus (hind) muscle Fu body, with double arm and a leg (unbend, tiptoe touchdown) the body that prop up, another leg is loosened before Qu Yu body, body centre of gravity is centered at propping up crural tiptoe to be in, calcanealForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Backward, exert oneself to do sth. downward, feel crus is hind muscle by taut, hold nervous position, number 10, loosen, repeat 3 times, change another leg to be done 3 times next.

One, mobile dove

Exercise place: Pear shape flesh (a muscle of hip)

Begin with the initiative pose of push-up, both hands maintains the ground. Raise left knee, promote the position that is close to shoulder, the ankle is located in on the right side of on coxa ministry edge. Convert antebrachium props up the body, right leg is put down, with instep touchdown. Maintain bosom to raise, it is good that if your flexibility is enough,the eye stares ground; , can reduce bosom touchdown, unbend of both hands criterion is put before the body.

Systole is abdominal, shrinkNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Tighten pelvic bottom muscle, affect musculus glutaeus maximus, at the same time toe curves touchdown, calcaneal falls forcibly pressure. Or so foot is done 5 times each, every time removed but touchdown of bend one’s knees is loosened.

The upper arm 2 drawing _ thes upper arm 2 drawing movement

2, C curve

Exercise place: Below back square

Bend one’s knees sits in the ground, double foot touchdown, the distance is coxal about 30Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Centimeter. Lower part of nest of foot of park of both hands across, elbow is outward. Body tilting back ward, muscle of basin bone bottom exerts oneself to do sth. , receive an abdomen to lower one’s head at the same time, back bends. With nose inspiratory, expiratory while receive an abdomen further, and raise left foot, calcaneal is put in fictitious ” wall ” on, toe closes backward, meanwhile, right leg exerts oneself to do sth. downward.

Restore initiative pose, and repeat afore-mentioned acts, do 5 times, control crural trade, redo 5.

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