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Article introduction

Tuberculosis is a kind of contagion, so everybody is noticing fitness more at ordinary times, raise body strength ability to let all sorts of diseases be far from his only, phthisical symptom coughs namely, but is tuberculosis phlegmy much? What can know above all is the meeting when tuberculosis coughs has phlegmy, but cannot with phlegmy it is phthisical problem certainly more, when if have haemoptysis,breathing the symptom such as difficulty at the same time, be about vigilant tuberculosis disease.

 Tuberculosis is phlegmy much

Phlegmy be tuberculosis more

Should understanding tuberculosis above all is what disease, tuberculosis is the chronic infection that causes by bacili of n/med tuberculosis difference, but a lot of viscera via its human body, the n/med tuberculosis with lung is most common, the person that discharge bacterium is important contagion source, after human body infection goes be united in wedlock not certain get ill, react when the allergy that cellular interpose guides or just may cause come on clinically, if can seasonable diagnosis and rational therapy are most,be OK of heal.

Above all additionally the symptom has close tuberculosis to contact history, remove disease criterion but delay but urgent, it is low heat more, show night sweat afternoon1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Lack of power and angular, female criterion expression is menstruation maladjusted etc. Breath1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Path symptom has cough, expectoration, haemoptysis, bosom to the bosom of painful different level covers tightly and breathe difficulty. If the word of expectoration is differ,be tuberculosis surely of course, if want diagnose tuberculosis,this must go to normal hospital making regular inspection, pat X sternum to wait a moment for example.

 Tuberculosis is phlegmy much

1, tuberculosis has phlegmy how to treat

1.1, medication

Medicationed main effect is being infected at shortening period, lower rate of mortality, infection and sicken rate. To patient of every specific tuberculosis, it is achieve clinical the main measure that reachs biology to cure, rationalize cure is to show to mobile sex tuberculosis holds to inchoate, couplet to use, right amount, rule and whole journey use sensitive remedy1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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1.2, operation cure

Surgical handSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Art applies lesser already at phthisical cure. When be being differentiated hard to be more than 3 centimeters n/med tuberculosis ball and lung cancer, answer large wall of treated odd side fiber is empty, long-term medical cure fails to make phlegmy bacterium turns shade person, or the bronchiectasis of damage lung companion of odd side, already lost a function and have spit blood repeatedly or the person that afterwards sends infection, can make alobe of the lung or complete lung excision. Pyothorax of n/med tuberculosis sex and (or) cure of internal medicine of classics of bronchus pleura fistula is invalid and when companion is the same as tuberculosis of side activity sex, appropriate makes alobe of the lung – pleural resection.

1.3, cure of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine

Enrage injury of shade bad news: ? Call  of buy of You of  of Quan of Min hoarse buccal sip aing concubine of an emperor changes? mind exhausted put oneself in another’s position is weak, cough speech sound is small, accept is slow-witted jalf congealed, phlegmy much Qing Dynasty is rare, red night sweat of Wei wind spontaneous and cheekbone sees, glossal weak liver mosses has tine mark in vain, arteries and veins is heavy fine and little power. Lung of the beneficial that treat appropriate be good at lienal. Square medicine: ?  hard?15g, yun Ling 15g, 15g of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, yam 30g, 12g of the root of balloonflower, lily 30g, big jujube 10g, 20g of the root of remembranous milk vetch, lotus seed 15g,

Yin and yang two empty: ? Call angular face of? of Nie of haughtying  of childish of You of  of Quan of Min hoarse buccal sip is yellow, cracked, hectic fever night sweat, bone evaporate consumptive disease is hot, discharge semiliquid stool is urgent, shape of phlegmy white foam or blood are phlegmy, palpitation be discouraged, close-lipped little desire, accept is slow-witted, spontaneous, involuntary emission, amenorrhoea, liver mosses yellow dry, arteries and veins imperceptible or void is big faint. Govern filling this world of appropriate method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Square medicine: ?  hard?5g, 15g of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, yam 30g, tuckahoe 20g, 15g of dried human placenta, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, 12g of root of herbaceous peony, reach 30g in vain, contribution leaf 12g.

 Tuberculosis is phlegmy much

2, tuberculosis has phlegmy what to eat expectorant

2.1, turnip

Sex of pleasant of turnip flavour laborious is lukewarm, have be good at lienal disappear is fed, expectorant the gas below calm asthma, how embryo, wide in the function such as detoxify of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, hemostatic invigorate the circulation of blood.

2.2, bird’s nest

Sex of pleasant of bird’s nest flavour is smooth, small salty, have the filling kidney, shade that raise lung to relieve a cough expectorant effect. Applicable is cough coughs blood, remedial is lobar deficiency of yin with irritability with dry cough, night sweat it is the tuberculosis that is main symptom.

2.3, pear

Small acidity of pear flavour pleasant is cool, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, relieve a cough expectorant, clear heat falls fire, raise blood to give birth to flesh, embellish lung goes dry, clear heart solves wine poison to wait, apply to pyretic irritated thirsty, lung heats up cough, phlegmy much, defecate constipate, pear gives birth to the heat that using is clear the six hollow organs,

2.4, pomegranate

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks acerbity and pleasant of pomegranate sex flavour is smooth, pomegranate skin is acerbity lukewarm, put in the classics such as lung, large intestine ‘s charge,

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2.5, fig

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks pleasant of fig sex flavour is smooth, the person is lienal with large intestine 2 classics. Its main effect is be good at lienal stop have diarrhoea, clear bowel divides lung of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it of hot, make expectoration easy, beneficial to connect breast and detoxify of subsidence of a swelling to wait. With it medicable neck is scrofulous.

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