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The pillow is people when sleeping, a kind of bedding that can use, also be the articles for use that can make sure people has easy and comfortable and comfortable Morpheus. Although the pillow is very good, but not all person can use a pillow, e.g. to the baby inside 3 months character, can not use a pillow. The child reached 3 months, also should choose infantile pillow to be used to children so!

Child need not the pillow is good

1, the pillow need not be used inside 3 months

Firstborn no matter lie low or side lie, the body, head all is on same horizontal, need not use a pillow so. But, the mattess as a result of infantile bed mostly very soft, so firstborn also can use a few lower pillow.

2, the level applicability of darling pillow

Applicability of so called phase, show each phase uses different pillow to darling namely, cannot use a pillow to big as a child, also cannot make do with adult pillow to darling use. Before 3 months, can buy darling appropriative pillow, fill up OK also and simply with towel1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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; After 3 months, be necessary completely to use a pillow to darling, the sleep that allows darling is more comfortableForum of Shanghai night net

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. As darling grownShanghai noble baby

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, want to change the height of the pillow gradually, but height should maintain between 3-4cm, length also wants pilot and shoulder to be the same as wide.

Child need not the pillow is good

3, the material of infantile pillow

Because darling sleeps appearance is overmuch and oneself did not control capacity, the pillow is not so OK too soft, lest cause safe problem, pillow core should choose softness, breathe freely, suck sweat, deft material. Still can use two kinds of different stuff stuff pillows, use the case of tartarian buck wheat with can good permeability at the same time, the cotton of pearl of negative oxygen ion with one side use comfortable softness, no matter be summer or winter,can use this pillow so. The pillowcase should be pure cotton material pledges, darlingSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The osculatory area of afterbrain spoon and pillow should make appropriate hollow according to head dummy.

Child need not the pillow is good

4, the use of infantile pillow

Because the head bone of darling is soft, and chimney door and skull are seamed still do not have not allForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Close rise, reason cannot use excellent pillow. If use what can create character for a long time to be out of shape, the bulk that perhaps controls two side face is abhorrent, affect the child’s appearance thereby. In the meantime, go up to avoid darling to suffer from facial eczema and occurrence scalp infectionShanghai noble baby

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, parents should be washed frequently, change a pillowcase frequently, lie between a few days to insolate pillow core, do very clean work.

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