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There are a lot of points on the foot of human body, each point correspondence is worn those who differ is splanchnic, so often the person of bubble foot can discharge poison, very beneficial to the body. When people is being massaged into ministry of travel far and wide, also be massage from sole, can treat through acupuncture point so splanchnic, have the effect very much. Crural motherboard also go up distributinging move a lot of blood-vessel, the person with bad kidney can have a lot of toxin to stay inside body, when they gather on the footSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Can cause hemangioma. So how is crural motherboard hemangioma handled?

Crural motherboard hemangioma

Hemangioma is chairman is in the any place of the body, connect sole1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Board also do not let off, although be not to affect the exterior, but walking along a road to come is special anguish, so, plantar hemangioma isA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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How form? How to treat?

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how is hemangioma to form?

The formation of hemangioma reason from can divide substantially it is two kinds: The baby is hemal in placental development process development is wrong, hemal overgrowth or become divided are unusual the blood-vessel that bring about is unbalanced. The tumor that unusual hyperplasia produces hemal endodermis cell, among them 80% belong to1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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At congenital.

The reason that hemangioma comes on has a lot of: Genetic element, during the woman is pregnant, be polluted by external environment, medicaments stimulation and undesirable element bring about placenta the hemangioma that unusually proliferous dilate forms network of the blood-vessel inside 3 months. Pollution of condition of additional outer shroud and food element, traumatic element meets those who bring about hemangioma to form.

Crural motherboard hemangioma

How to treat plantar hemangioma?

1, cure of radio frequency melt: It is a lot of private hospitals those who say is small achieve superconductive cure, use function of radio frequency electric current at tumour body, make high frequency report arises to coagulate inside tumour body, immediate effect reachs the bounce fiber in be being organized all round blood-vessel and collagen fiber at film of tumour body cell, make blood-vessel mural emulsification, caky, contractive, tumour body narrows quickly, until disappear, make abnormal blood-vessel loses again outspread environment, achieve remedial effect.

2, small achieve intervening cure: Belong to recent surgical department small start an operation, it is to point to in ” X ” of ray guide bring below, insert conduit of activity arteries and veins to guide by ham root ministry, cross all the way reach hemangioma place, adopt system of tumour of infuse of conduit general medicaments next, let its produce asepsis sex inflammation, with period achieve make tumour body blood-vessel out-of-the-way action, alleged small achieving is to show relative to the surgical operation at the tradition character scar is some less only actually.

Crural motherboard hemangioma

3, radiative cure: The local illuminate that the R ray that radiative cure uses radiative element place to arise organizes to ill caustic area, the DNA catenary of the certain nucleolus that makes pathological changes is organized, RNA catenary ruptures, bring about pathological changes to organize a cell necrotic or disintegrate, achieve the goal that treats hemangioma thereby.

4, refrigerant cure: Refrigerant cure uses skin of area of microtherm general ill caustic, hemangioma and the constituent condensation all round its, cause constituent denaturation or necrotic, achieve remedial goal thereby, current, the doctor is commonly used is liquefied ammonia refrigerant. Suit to treat range quiteLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Lesser hemangioma. Refrigerant therapeutics is safer, do not need anaesthesia, but the time of heal is longer, leave scar easily also.

Finally, when the author suggests patients discover a disease, be about to should undertake in time was remedialed to the hospital, do not want protracted time, protracted time also is him anguish.

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