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Article introduction

Microwave oven can be used at baking pachyrhizus, but roast time is longer, if everybody has patient catheter,be possible, but want to know, pachyrhizus is put after microwave oven is baked, we had better be as soon as possible edible, otherwise cool, what can bring about pachyrhizus to change is very hard, not delicious, because moisture is already missing,basically be, and heating, not only nutrient composition is done not have so tall, and moisture loses more, rise relatively not delicious.

 Can microwave oven bake pachyrhizus

If be unripe yam,put in microwave oven to heat up, very dry, and cool hind more hard, not delicious, if be the yam with already ripe roast, put in heat, not only its missing nutritionLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The quantity is about little the cook means at the tradition, and return pretty delicious, of glutinous of soft soft glutinous, very sweet · the experience · that this is myself washs yam clean, above much tie a few holes, put yam next microwave oven medium baking temperature is roast, because different microwave oven firepower is different also, need not provide time to death so, bake a little while take look, with handgrip it is held hold soft, until bake ripe till.

 Can microwave oven bake pachyrhizus

Raw material

Pachyrhizus (call yam again) 4, (Yam divides several kinds again, respective moisture is different, sweet level is different, bake make the taste that give also differ. Yam had better be hearts, if yam is bought bad, again how roast won’t feel delicious. ) the kitchen uses paper 4 pieces. Convenient pachyrhizus bakes the pachyrhizus both neither that bakes with furnace previously the color that come out is not good-looking also, with microwave oven the pachyrhizus that bake goes to the lavatory now clean.

The pachyrhizus before baking

Practice measure

Method one:

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1, wash yam clean first, such yam surfaces can have moisture content, use a cuisine next paper or last outfit of bag general yam rises, tight of yam wrap up.

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The sweet potato that has included is put into microwave oven, turn 5 minutes with high school fire (a bit smaller turning 4 minutes, turned 8 minutes greatly) .

3, take out next press with the hand, if do not have soft add again turn 2-3 minute, if soft went lasting bag, reoccupy medium baking temperature turns 3 minutes or so.

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In wave furnace, conflagration is controlled 6 minutes, can oneself fumble below, the effect that come out is very good.

 Can microwave oven bake pachyrhizus

Method 2: Take a whole sweet potato, remember yam piece does not want too big, or not easy the ripe not ripe perhaps report that return fee washs yam clean kitchen to use paper or bumf to wrapping yam to put the issue that is about to see yam piece size then as to time inside microwave directly first how is the word of conflagration also gotten 45 minutes

Method 3: Cut piece, so easy ripe. Need not stamp hole eye, do not put in microwave oven box, the vapor of generation is added easily to yam, direct yam piece on the dial that is put in microwave oven, medium baking temperature first evaporate 15 minutes, next again evaporate 10 minutes, cannot one-time with respect to evaporate so long, should let yam cool a little while in microwave oven again evaporate, microwave oven door need not be opened among. Bake the yam that go out so cortical dry dry, inside every day, resemble extremely outside bought yam, but cleaner than it.

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