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Ginger is very common feed capable person, the action of ginger is very extensive, can use not only should do dressing, still have very high officinal value, a lot of people like to drink at ordinary times redSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Candy ginger water, water of brown sugar ginger has drive cold dispel is wet, and still can enrich the blood filling gas, also be very much to healthy gain, water of brown sugar ginger is made also is very simple, looked to be met, but how to if there is brown sugar,do Jiang Shang?

 How does Jiang Shang do without brown sugar

How to do Jiang Shang without brown sugar?

Can look for anything else to replace, red perhaps jujube can use white sugar, honey, medlar to replace brown sugar. If feel the effect of these things is inferior to brown sugar, so go purchasing brown sugar to boil Jiang Shang in the supermarket.

Actually brown sugar is white sugar after course abstraction. Brown sugar is colored, the adsorption of color of process lieutenant general that processes white sugar is dropped, when be being handled nevertheless will red you give him element of that a few nutrition also destroyed, what when boiling Jiang Shang because of such authority, use is brown sugar, the calcium of composition of a lot of nutrition, iron, carotene effect that has warm palace is contained in brown sugar, when everybody is using white sugar to replace brown sugar, can put red jujube and medlar to supersede the function of brown sugar.

 How does Jiang Shang do without brown sugar

The practice of soup of brown sugar ginger

1, choice facial expression is bright-coloured, soft, the fresh ginger with full appearance, wash clean cut into shreds or section.

2, right amount cold water is added in boiler, put in ginger next big baked wheaten cake leaves to water.

3, put brown sugar of one big spoon next, be afraid of hot can put in bit of brown sugar more.

4, the confluence that agitate lets brown sugar and Jiang Shui are complete equably arrives one case, when closing the boiler since fire to drink next, must mix of nice and warm, cannot put cool drink.

Only in daily life the female is in period, after perhaps been produce, when chill catchs a cold, suit to drink this. At ordinary times ifFall in love withShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Take this word that will drink when boiled water, have certain effect to the body or meeting. Arrive home from outside in hiemal moment at ordinary times in, the meeting on the body often feels chilly, everybody can cook this time water of ginger of dot brown sugar uses drive cold.

 How does Jiang Shang do without brown sugar

The effect of soup of brown sugar ginger and action

Lukewarm classics invigorate the circulation of blood

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Well-known, soup of brown sugar ginger is to the female the friend is in period is very helpful. Soup of brown sugar ginger can let a female be when period, body warmth, increase energy, loose gas blood, accelerate blood to circulate, its are so smooth to menstruation if the female feels after classics drive is poor,have apparent effect; , color is bad, can be in everyday before Chinese meal, the person that drink a cup of chroma to if feel unwell the symptom is heavier,make an appointment with the; of brown sugar water of 20% , can add drink before dinner a cup of; lasts so a week time, attainable significant improvement.

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Postpartum enrich the blood

Boiling water of brown sugar ginger also has profit extremely to postpartum pregnant woman. If pregnant woman is in postpartum and exsanguine much, physical strength and energy are used up big, can be in postpartum 7 ~ 10 inside, drink boiling water of brown sugar ginger, its action is can complementary capabilities, increase hematic size, be helpful for pregnant woman be in those who produce rear body power to restore; and the meeting systole to postpartum uterus, restore, the eduction of lochia and lactescence, have apparent stimulative effect.

Drive is cold warm stomach

Because,the main pathogeny with cold stomach is at ordinary times undesirable habits and customs, often eat icy or the food place of cold drink causes. Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Accelerate as a result of what give birth to vivid rhythm now again, mental pressure is greater, cause gastric disease more easily. So a good food is used to nurturance dispute often is necessary, drink boiling water of brown sugar ginger more, can recuperate the disease with good cold stomach effectively, preserve healthy taste.

The practice of soup of brown sugar ginger

1, ginger flay is abluent, cut into shreds;

2, garlic flay is abluent, pat broken;

3, right amount water is added in boiler, put Jiang Si, conflagration boils;

4, burn in water to ajar when (namely water is writhing, but lunt did not build the) when appearing from boiler, join right amount brown sugar, use ladle agitate even, conflagration boils 3~5 minute can.

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