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Everybody has had tomato, tomato calls tomato again, this is the life in very commonLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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A kind of vegetable, the provision that uses tomato make it additionally is very much also, recommend tomato sand to manage for everybody today, believe a lot of people had taken Italian side, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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When taking Italian side, it is most common that tomato sand managesFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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a kind of condiment, additionalShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The person that has had tomato sand to manage knows, this looks and ketchup is very similar, so is tomato sand manages ketchup after all?

Is tomato sand manages ketchup?

Is tomato sand manages ketchup?

In tomato sand department ” sanded department ” , it is English ” SaShanghai night net

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Uce ” transliteration, meaning the dressing of the shape that it is juice, and in ketchup ” sauce ” it is English ” Tomatopaste ” in ” Paste ” Chinese metaphrase. Say from character, juice (Sauce) adjacent with the liquid, sauce (Paste) adjacent at solid. Saying from product craft tomato sand manages is what former sauce adds water and flavor enhancement and make by tomato is compound model flavoring, and ketchup points to commonly without allocate or be only slightly attenuant, the ketchup with higher still concentration.

In the life, a lot of people like a tomato sand department to wipe biscuit to perhaps touch potato wait for food to eat edible together, taste mouthfeel acid is sweet, still have bit of saline taste a little, taste stop no less than mouths. But there is person edible ketchup rarely in the life, even if use ketchup,make food. Do ketchup and tomato sand department understand really?

Is tomato sand manages ketchup?

Will see the burden table of ketchup first: Bright tomato. Hit bright tomato into sauce namely, whats were added.

The battalion nurturance that sees ketchup distributes a list:

The raw material of ketchup is bright tomato, contain C of rich tomato red element, Potassium, vitamin to wait, the adipose content inside is 0, the content of sodium is extremely low also, this its carbohydrate is to come from that candy at tomato, condense a bit after make it sauce, appear so slightly a bit taller. Say ketchup so inside, allow afraid thing without what.

Will see the burden table that tomato sand manages again: Water, condense ketchup, acetyl to change ester of 2 amylaceous phosphoric acid, brew to feed salt of vinegar, edible, ice acerbity Potassium of essence of makings of second acid, sweet laborious, yellow former glue, citric acid, edible, Shan Li, An Saimi, temptation red, bare.

Is tomato sand manages ketchup?

What thing is this acetyl changes ester of 2 amylaceous phosphoric acid? It is thickener, resemble following like ticking off Gorgon euryale, because be,move with ketchup add water rare, so need adds thickener to appear a bit stiffer. Still added inside feed vinegar, after because be opposite,was being sucked, acidity is insufficient, join with respect to need so feed vinegar to add tart flavor. Still added acid glacial second next, this acid glacial second is that thing inside white vinegar, with will rise acid. Still added salt and sweet laborious makings and yellow former glue. This yellow former glue also is to add stiff use, let tomato sand department swing namely below can swing come out, swing come out withShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Blend after, return the surface that can be stuck in food, this is the action of yellow former glue.

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