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Drinking is to have certain cultured, the flavour that can drink which kinds of wine because of nonabstainer is best. Liquor can be divided to ferment wine and distillation wine two kinds of wine. But rising to won’t choosing for nonabstainer is more difficult, because people won’t know the stand or fall of divisional wine. Professional nonabstainer can understand the sort of divisional wine certainly. So ferment wine and distillation wine which good?

Ferment wine and distillation wine which good

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Kind, gooey for main raw material, via fermenting, distillation, old wine, allocate and become, alcohol content is in 18% to 60% between, because of raw material and specific production technologyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Different, the phyletic without number of distillation wine, the style is disparate, be like wine of whisky, brandy, vodka, bright Mu, gold wine and liquor.

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It is to show raw material is mixed in classics saccharify after fermenting, the alcoholic beverage that does not get via distillation working procedure, among them alcohol content is in commonly 20% the following, according to raw material and specific technology different, can divide wait for beer, wine and yellow rice or millet wine.

Ferment wine and distillation wine which good

(1) beer: Be with malt (include special type malt) for main raw material, add hops, classics yeast ferments wine make and become, alcohol content is common quite low, in 2.5% ~ 7.5% between;

(2) wine: Be it is raw material with fresh fruit or fruit juice, classics all or the part sends ferment wine to make and become, alcohol content is in 7% ~ 18% between. The bishop that we often say belongs to a kind of wine, still include the; such as plum wine, plum wine

Ferment wine and distillation wine which good

(3) yellow rice or millet wine: Be wait with paddy rice, wheaten, corn for raw material, join the saccharify such as distiller’s yeast, yeast to ferment the agent ferments brew what make and become to ferment wine.

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Spend prep above to ferment formerly all sorts of alcoholic beverage of child. It is the spirited wine with higher degree mostly. Hurt liver quite. Distillation is not passed after brew and OK and direct drinkForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Used wine is called hair1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Ferment wine, alcohol content is inferior, wait like yellow rice or millet wine, bishop, do not calculate to hepatic harm big. Distillation wine and the word that ferment wine chooses ferment wine has been compared.

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