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During pregnant of equipment of husband and wife, both sides of male and female should notice his habits and customs and diet, wine of avoid smoke avoid, make sure balanced nutrition is absorbed at the same time. If be inForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Have there is the symptom of the cold between pregnancy, want to have treatment in time, the cold may affect body condition, can cause conception difficulty, so the schoolgirl should notice heat preservation does not want sicken, such ability assure to be pregnant normally. So, eat before pregnant1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Is patulin influential?

 Patulin eats before pregnant influential

1, want additional physical power above all, pregnant woman needs to notice to rest, avoid excessive overworked. Pregnant woman still needs a large number of watering, food with delicate give priority to, compensatory and enough nutrition, can increase strength effectively.

2, companion of pregnant woman cold has have a stuffy nose snorty wait for a symptom and when be in a bad way, when need medications, remind pregnant woman attention, must fall in doctor guidance reasonable with medicine, lest be opposite fetal cause harm.

 Patulin eats before pregnant influential

3, if n&v snuffle of pregnant woman cold is snorty and companion has have a fever symptom, need to undertake physics drops in temperature in time, can use Wen Shui to brush bath or put apply law on the ice. If the illness cannot get control, need timely seek medical advice. Be in especially pregnant is inchoate, if inchoate cold high fever handles pregnantShanghai noble baby

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Undeserved, serious person the possibility that can have abortion.

4, pregnant woman still can use a few small folk prescription to treat cold n&v snuffle appropriately snorty:

(1) bazoo sucks steam law: Cup extraction water pours water boiled water, inhale vapour with nose, hold to 5-8 at least every time minute, do 6-8 everyday second, hot vapour can have the effect of dredge nasal cavity, can alleviate effectively n&v snuffle and snorty symptom.

(2) kneads receive standard of sweet acupuncture point: Receiving sweet acupuncture point is feeling windForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Place, also be the point that stops wind, if ferial add massage meeting to enhance pregnant moreShanghai noble baby

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Fu disease-resistant ability, the practice is to use forefinger to press nose ala of two side receive sweet acupuncture point, the meeting when massaging has acid to bilge feeling, massage the left and right sides 30 times by fixed direction everyday can.

 Patulin eats before pregnant influential

N&v snuffle of pregnant woman cold is snorty, be being treated and nurse on the place that has a lot of need attentions. Want to notice to rest above all, if cold illness is serious and companion has high fever symptom, should use method of physical allay a fever, if the illness cannot get control,need go to a doctor of as soon as possible to treat. In addition, still can use inhale vapour, knead greet sweet acupuncture point to wait slantForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Just will treat a cold.

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